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Uncommon Giving + PayChex (2)
The Uncommon Giving + Paychex Flex API integration makes it easy to engage your employees through generosity initiatives like employee gift matching, volunteering, Dollars for Doers, and payroll deduction. Then easily track your company's impact!

Workplaces Use Uncommon Giving + Paychex to:

  • Provide each of their employees a digital Uncommon Giving wallet
  • Seamlessly integrate their HR, Payroll and Corporate Giving programs
  • Sync their employee roster with their HR system
  • Launch a program in days instead of months
  • Enable employee payroll deductions for future charitable giving
  • Track and report on their social impact

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Live Your Values

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  • Promote a culture of purpose
  • Facilitate teamwork and connection
  • Give back to your community
  • Be more equitable and inclusive
  • Easily communicate the company's philanthropic impact

Authentic Benefit

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  • Empower employees through generosity
  • Seed employee wallets for more engagement
  • Recognize the great work of teams or individuals
  • Incentivize employees to make an impact
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  • Provide each employee a modern giving experience
  • Match gifts or give Dollars for Doers
  • Recurring and one-time gift options
  • Enable payroll deduction


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  • Create and signup for volunteer events
  • Track and report on volunteer time
  • Mobile app for tracking hours, donating and uploading photos to share back with the company
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Easy Administration

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  • Launch in less than 24 hours
  • Integrate with your payroll system
  • Promote causes that are meaningful to the company and employees
  • Report on company's impact
  • Uncommon Giving handles the disbursement of each donation

"At Bloomerang, our vision is to empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving. And our team members are passionate about supporting the nonprofit community. With Uncommon Giving, we are building a truly inclusive and engaging corporate generosity program, providing funds to every employee to donate to the nonprofits of their choice. Employee-driven generosity is just one way we live our values every day."

Steve Isom

CFO, Bloomerang
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