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Reserve your spot for a comprehensive 45-minute session that will transform your understanding of corporate generosity. Whether you're an HR professional, a corporate leader, or someone passionate about corporate social responsibility, this event is designed just for you.


What to


Overview of Uncommon Giving Platform

Dive deep into the world of Uncommon Giving, where generosity meets innovation. Learn how our platform not only facilitates but also enhances your corporate giving and volunteering efforts. We'll walk you through the core functionalities and the philosophy that sets Uncommon Giving’s platform apart from the rest. 

User Experience

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Uncommon Giving firsthand. We'll guide you through the intuitive interface and show you how easy it is to navigate our platform. From setting up campaigns to tracking employee participation, see how Uncommon can streamline your processes.

Benefits and Best Practices

Discover the tangible benefits that come with integrating Uncommon Giving into your workplace. We'll share key statistics on how our platform has boosted employee engagement, retention, and corporate culture in other organizations. Plus, get insights into the best practices developed through our extensive experience in the field.

Interactive Q&A

Have specific questions? Get them answered in real-time. Our interactive Q&A session allows you to probe deeper and learn more about how Uncommon can specifically benefit your organization.

Event Details


45 Minutes


Online Webinar


July 23

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The founders of Hawaiian Bros love the opportunity to give back to community organizations that are near and dear to our 'ohana members' hearts. The Uncommon Giving platform gives our Hawaiian Bros team members the opportunity to participate in regular giving to an organization of their choice... We love using Uncommon Giving as our way to give back to the communities that we serve!

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